February News!

February 04, 2021

Hello, all, and happy February!

First of all, given the success of the recent GlassFrog webinars, we will be holding a new 60-minute free webinar on February 16, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) to show you how to best craft and process your tensions within GlassFrog. Register now if you’re interested!

Second, we'd like to introduce a couple of new useful and requested GlassFrog features:

1. When you're in a tactical meeting, you can now edit the tension that is being displayed, allowing you to add or update the tension associated with the current agenda item.

2. A submitted response to an asynchronous proposal can now be changed if the proposal hasn’t been accepted yet, by clicking on the “Undo Response” button. 

•  The escalated proposals go into the Open Proposals section. You may see more escalated proposals in this list now since before they were only displayed for the proposer. 
•  If a member modifies their response, and it removes the last escalation, then the proposal will change back to being actively proposed, and the proposer and anyone who hasn’t responded yet will get email/slack notifications, as appropriate.
•  If a “de-escalated” proposal had a deadline, the deadline will be adjusted to account for the missing time.

If you have any questions about this, you can contact us at support@glassfrog.com.


The GlassFrog Team