Project tracking updates & Bug fixes

May 12, 2013

Bug fixes

  • When the output field is selected during "Triage issues" in a tactical meeting, pressing Enter will now no longer close the meeting. This was happening sometimes, and you won't be able to accidentally close the meeting this way now.
  • Links in emails are working again. If you are a Lead Link and get an email stating that there are unassigned roles to fill, if you are logged in, the link in the email takes you to the circle page where you can add people to the roles.

Updates for projects

  • Project create date. When you create a project, GlassFrog will store the date. When you click the name of any project to open the pop up (as if you to edit it) and view the create date immediately above the "Update" button. Eventually more dates will be stored, such as when the status changes.
  • Track Waiting on Who, For What. Use the "@" followed by the role name to use use a hyperlink to cross reference one or more roles. This displays on the project tab once you save. Example @Updater for a notification of an update. (See below.)


Waiting on what role


  • Type the text of what you are waiting on in the For What. Click Update to save your changes.  


Waiting on what