Tactical & Governance Changes

July 26, 2013

We deployed a few bug fixes and have some new functionality in both the Tactical and Governance interfaces.

  • In a Tactical Meeting during Triage Issues, drop down menus are now (reversed) in the order of Role, and then who it is Assigned To (person). Hopefully this will be more intuitive.
  • Projects can be private to those outside your circle. You can access this setting when creating or editing a project both during a meeting and outside of a meeting. Admins can view and edit all projects in the org. See here for a demo: http://youtu.be/vtEzbV1Uob8
  • Restructure a sub-circle. It it possible to move roles from one sub-circle to anothers, by absorbing into the super circle and then moving into a sub circle. Find this option after clicking Open Meeting: Governance. See here for detailed instructions: http://youtu.be/GXlEfk5Tm38