GlassFrog API v3 (beta)

June 02, 2014

We've happy to announce that we're introducing a new version of the API (v3), and we're ready to begin public testing!
API v3 is in beta- we expect to be adding and potentially changing functionality in the weeks and months ahead. 
Important changes in v3:
  • Implements all v2 functionality
  • Format of GET responses and POST and PATCH bodies is json (not xml)
  • API paths start with /api/v3
  • Mailing Lists now live on the people endpoint, with a parameter of core role; all Person resources now contain the email attribute
  • API keys are now associated with individual accounts (rather than the whole organization)
  • Roles endpoints include core roles (Lead Link, Rep Link, Secretary, Facilitator)
  • Added readonly endpoints for projectsmetrics, and checklist_items
  • Added ability to assign roles


You can get more details about the v3 API on the documentation page.